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IC break crack principle professional chip decryption service provider

MCUs generally have an internal EEPROM/FLASH for the user to store the program and work data. What is IC break? If you want to read the program illegally, you must unpack the password to read it. This process is usually called MCU crack or chip encryption.

To prevent unauthorized access or copying of the MCU’s in-machine program. Most MCUs have an encryption lock bit or an encrypted byte to protect the on-chip program; if the encryption lock bit is enabled (locked) during programming, it cannot use ordinary programmer to read the program in the MCU directly. MCU attackers can use the specialized equipment or self-made equipment to exploit the loopholes or software defects in the design of the MCU chip. Through various technical means, critical information can be extracted from the IC to obtain the MCU. The internal program is called IC break. After most MCU programs are written into the MCU, the engineers encrypt them to prevent others from illegally stealing, in case others read the program.

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MCU encryption and decryption can divide into two categories, one is hardware encryption, and MCU unlock, the other is software encryption and MCU crack. Hardware encryption, for the single-chip microcomputer, generally the MCU manufacturer will solidify the encryption fuse in the IC. The fuse has an encrypted state and a non-encrypted state. If it is in an encrypted state, the universal tool cannot read the contents of the program inside the IC. To understand its contents, this involves hardware decryption, professional hardware decryption tools and expert engineers.

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Any MCU theoretically, attackers can use enough investment and time to use the above methods to break. the fundamental principle that system designers should always keep in mind. Therefore, as the design engineer of electronic products, it is indispensable to understand the latest technology of current MCU attacks, to know ourselves and know what to do, to effectively prevent yourself from spending a lot of money and time hard. The designed product happened by people who had counterfeited overnight.

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As we all know, in the field of IC break, the products are usually copied. The real use for research and study can not be said, but it is quite rare. Therefore, if you want to crack the MCU crack chip crack, you have to know the principle of IC breaking..