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Our IC unlock advantage

  1. Professional IC unlock and decryption technology research:
    We have rich experience and authoritative technical strength in the fields of Des encryption, symmetric encryption, MD5 encryption and other encryption and decryption algorithms.
  2. International advanced series of technical analysis equipment:
    Our chip decryption centre can accurately understand the core architecture and instruction code of various IC chips and microcontrollers by using different advanced IC professional testing equipment.
  3. Rich experience in IC unlock:
    The IC successfully cracked by our IC unlock centre covers more than 30 series of tens of thousands of models, and the decryption model includes most of the mainstream chips.
  4. Strict chip crack process:
    Our elaborate design of IC unlock technology process ensures the stability of the decryption chip, at the same time, the microcontroller chip decryption cycle is accurate to an hour, making the reliability and success of decryption extremely high.
  5. Special algorithm analysis software:
    Our chip unlocks centre uses the advanced algorithm research software in the world, which can export the program code in the IC completely, and carry on the reverse analysis and Discussion based on the existing software.
  6. The skilled IC unlock team:
    Our chip crack centre has a strong team of chip decryption experts in domestic technology and has accumulated rich development experience in the field of decryption technology. We have a serious working attitude and professional customer service, customer requirements for their responsibility, as each customer as a partner.
  7. Reasonable price of IC unlock:
    Our chip unlocks centre has launched several special customer return packages to serve customers at reasonable prices better.