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M30620 crack

We provide the main functional features of the M30620FCAFP IC crack for customers and decryption engineers to use in the decryption project cooperation and decryption technology implementation reference. There are M30620FCAFP decryption and other CPLD chip decryption requirements are welcome to contact us.
Detailed description
M30620FCAGP chip decryption
product Overview

The M16C/26A group is based on the M16C/60 CPU core. When using a PLL synthesizer, the maximum operating frequency is 24MHz. Provide mask ROM and flash memory versions,
The internal flash memory can be programmed from a single power supply.

Key characteristics

16-bit multi-function timer (including timer A, B, three-phase converter motor control function): 8 channels
Clock asynchronous/synchronous serial interface: 3 channels*
10-bit A/D converter: 12 channels*
DMAC: 2 channels
CRC arithmetic circuit
Watchdog timer
Clock generation circuit: main clock generation circuit, sub-clock generation circuit, internal oscillator, PLL synthesizer
Oscillation stop detection function
Voltage detection circuit (except T and V)
Input / output port: 39 *
External interrupt pin: 11
Data flash: 2KB × 2 blocks (Flash only)
*: Specifications for the 48-pin version.

Key application

Audio, camera, office equipment, communication equipment / portable equipment, household appliances equipment (converter household appliances), automotive, motor control