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Unlock Chip Case

Shenzhen OROD Technology specializes in electronic product software and hardware cracking (copying/unlock chip), providing customers with complete technical solution plan and comprehensive supporting services! At the same time, it has been committed to the reverse cloning of general electronic products and industrial control electronic products. Design and development work, provide electronic product system solution plan, and post-technical services for related electronic products: including PCB copy board/reform board design, schematic design, component list making list and single chip chip decryption, chip program crack burning service, and Electronic product PCBA production foundry services. From the provision of overall planning, reverse hardware and software design, prototype manufacturing commissioning, mass production services to a full range of technical services and processing services.

The company provides 1-12 layer PCB copy board design, schematic and component list production, and provides MICROCHIP, ATMEL, TI, PHILIPS, EMC, STC, WINBOND, INTEL, SYNCMOS, MOTOROLA, ALTERA, ZILOG, LATTICE, HOLTEK, HITACHI , XILINX, Fujitsu MCU decryption, Mitsubishi single-chip decryption, SONIX single-chip decryption, Feeling MCU decryption, ST single-chip decryption, Motorola MCU decryption and other services. Due to the continuous updating of the chip model and the continuous improvement of the decryption technology, some models have not been updated in time. For more specific models of the decryption chip, please call us for details.

OROD Technology has a professional reverse technology R&D team in China and has accumulated rich practical experience. It has solved technical problems for challenging large-scale projects in key domestic research institutions, universities and copy board enterprises, and has long undertaken PCB copying/reconstruction. We unlock chip and program analysis, IC reverse design and other project cooperation, and focus on various challenging projects to help customers shorten the development cycle. It saves development Cost, reduces production risk and technical support costs, and enhance customer competitiveness.
Traction inverter control system
OROD technology can take the corresponding decryption method according to the specific requirements of the customer and the technical characteristics of the decryption chip itself.which can reduce the probability of IC unlock failure, fully guarantee the accuracy of chip decryption, and is committed to providing the domestic and foreign customers with the consultation and decryption of the MCU. The service (limited to legal research purposes) includes support for local and international electronics companies to retrieve lost MCU data or learn advanced design ideas from different MCU companies.
At the same time, after the chip decryption complete, OROD Technology provides a matching chip burning service, which will burn the decryption program code into a new blank. The currently available chip types include:
IC type: E (E) PROM / FLASH / Serial EPROM / MPU / MCU / PLD / CPLD.
IC packaging: SOP / SSOP / PLCC / DIP / SDIP / TSOP / BGA / QFP / TQFP.
IC model: The chip model that we can program. including nearly 120,000 chips from more than 100 manufacturers.

The most powerful countries in the field of core control components for metro vehicles are Germany, France, Canada, Japan, etc. The three multinational companies such as Bombardier, Siemens and Alstom account for more than 50% of the global market. The domestic CRRC Group and other units authorized the production of core control components of foreign companies in the form of joint ventures, but the core technology is still not in control.
Traction inverter is one of them. Shenzhen OROD relies on its strong R&D capability to localize its core component traction inverter DCU module. Its primary functions are as follows:

Each vehicle of a particular subway company equipped with a traction inverter for each car, which supplies power to four parallel AC asynchronous traction motors. Our company undertakes the repair of this board and the development of localized independent intellectual property spare parts products. At present, the DCU board parts produced in China have passed the test of the ground platform of a subway company, and the primary line sports car test is being carried out. The extent to which the pieces replace.