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How to select PCB Clone Company correctly?

At present, there are many PCB Clone companies in the market, and some individuals are undertaking THE SERVICE of PCB clone. They cannot guarantee to complete the work in an effective time, nor can they guarantee the quality and reliability of PCB files. Therefore, it is very important for our customers to choose the right PCB copy company. Although some copy plate company price is low, the copy board used in the components and not set but with elements of building warehouse so placed copied in the element of the plate can not modify and create network table for secondary development and design, follow-up products to the customer reference design development to produce adverse factors, in fact also harm the customer benefit.

SZOROD Technology is a formal, entity, tax copy PCB company, with a strong technical team to support, provide professional technology, and after-sales service. Not only to provide customers with detailed and accurate PCB file information but also to transform the PCB template you provide into a Gerber file for production; You can also generate documents in various popular PCB software formats, such as PROTEL99, PADS2000, etc. We can also provide you with PCB template schematic diagram, PCB packaging diagram, BOM list, and other documents, as well as PCB cloning, PCB proofing, debugging or batch production, and other one-stop services; And from the customer’s point of view for secondary development, to meet your various needs.

What is the price of the PCB Clone?

The price of a PCB clone cannot be measured by a single standard. Generally speaking, it is divided into board layers, single-sided PCB, double-panel PCB, and multi-layer PCB (more than three layers are multi-layer PCB). The more layers, the more expensive it is. 2. There are different types of plates: resin, cardboard, ceramic, aluminum substrate, halogen, and halogen-free plates. The prices of different plates are also different. 3. Surface treatment is divided into OSP (rosin), tin-spraying, tin-spraying, tin-spraying, gold-spraying, gold-spraying, Goldfinger, silver-spraying, and other different surface treatments with different prices; 4. Test fee: The price difference between flying needle test and universal fixture test is also small. There are also labor costs to calculate and factory profits, processing losses also need to be calculated.

To sum up,
The price of PCB Clone is affected by many factors. SZOROD technology has developed a standard price system to provide customers with the most favorable service. We welcome new and old customers to consult our customer service directly.

PCB Clone Application Field:

One of the main purposes of our PCB Clone is to develop the original PCB, modify the PCB, and redesign the PCB so as to further improve and perfect its function. It is currently applied in the following aspects:

  • Rail transit: Reverse technology of subway video and voice control system; Localization of DCU unit of subway shield door; Metro ATO onboard autopilot PCB localization function; The metro vehicle-mounted bus manager (VTCU) was developed domestically; Metro traction inverter DCU module localization.
  • New energy: prototype development of wind-solar complementary control inverter all-in-one machine; PWM PHOTOVOLTAIC control inverter all-in machine prototype production; MPPT solar controller prototype production; Solar high-frequency repair sinusoidal inverter prototype cloning;
  • Medical preparation: XC-1 cardiovascular function tester medical
    PCB reverse engineering; beauty equipment photon skin rejuvenation machine copy; medical equipment B ultrasound equipment prototype clone; lung function tester prototype debugging project;
  • Industrial control: X-ray diffractometer core PCB clone; industrial control explosion-proof intelligent valve positioner PCB copy; industrial control equipment PCBA clone and its PLC secondary development; step controller PCB copy and prototype clone; CNC numerical control machine tool circuit board Copy board project; 3D printer main control PCB reverse engineering prototype clone;
  • Other industries: 60K multi-pin power communication board PCB design; high-voltage conversion circuit board design; composite gas detector prototype production; CCHB air purifier copy board technology; CC2540 Bluetooth low-power module decryption; three based on OMAP4430 High-level HDI board design; prototype production of ultrasonic hot-pressed gold wire ball bonding machine; three-layer core switch exchange board PCB design; GPS navigation radar early warning PCB machine copy board

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