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PCB (Printed Circuit Board), also known as the printed circuit board, printed circuit board, is an essential electronic component, is the support of electronic components, electronic components are electrical connection providers. Because it made by electronic printing, we called the “printed” circuit board. PCB copy boards, that is, on the premise of existing electronic products and circuit boards, using reverse research and development technology means to reverse analysis of circuit boards, the original products of PCB documents, BOM documents, schematic documents and other technical documents as well as PCB screen printing production documents for 1:1 reduction, and then use these documents. Technical papers and production documents for PCB board, components welding, flying needle test, circuit board debugging, complete the original circuit board template copy.

1.PCB copy

We have adopted the combination of the most advanced scanning technology and software technology to clone single, multilayer PCB and complicated PCB with all kinds of buried and blind. The accuracy of the circuit will be 100 percent ensured and the favorite documentation in PCB designing IC unlock, software form will generate Such as POWER-PCB, PROTEL99, PADS-2000, from PCB schematic diagram to BOM list.

Caution: For the sake of protecting the legal rights and interests of the owner of the copyright for the original PCB designing, every customer with PCB copy IC unlock business of our company must have the legal declaration of the copyright source.
2.The interface file of PCB production

(1) provide Gerber file of PCB IC unlock.
(2) Specifications manual for PCB production.
3.High quality, Low cost!

The designing and development of PCB, PCB copying IC unlock and MCU crack: There is a professional and experienced team for PCB designing. They use some professional software for PCB designing to place routes according to the electrical schematic diagram and the structure diagram. The following are the software for PCB designing used at present, such as PROTEL, POWERPCB, PADS-2000, ORCAD, CADSTAR, etc. With our professional team and software, we can overcome the defects in the PCB layout and simulate the high-speed data line to ensure the designing quality. Also, we possess complete advanced equipment for experimentation which can test all states of the signals of the PCB circuit to meet the requirements of PCB designing. We can copy existing PCB with high accuracy. The copy will be as same as the prototype. It will save a lot of designing fees for customers by its low price.
The processing of PCB: we can provide the services of PCB manufacturing such as dense and accurate SSB (single-sided printed board), DSB (double-sided printed board), RMB(rigid multilayer printed board) and FB (flexible printed board), etc. with our OEM PCB factory and the introduction of foreign advanced technology and equipment.
The purchasing and welding of electronic components: For the sake of your time and convenience, we provide the service of purchasing electronic components by ourselves and our PCBA factory offers the services of DIP, SMD/SMT, and welding.IC unlock At present, our factory can provide welding service for many kinds of components in mini size and dense encapsulation, such as 0210, CSP, BGA, etc.
The designing and development of hardware and software for electronic products: our designing and development team is a group of youthful engineers who are familiar with so many different kinds of hardware, software and all protocols and who can provide efficient and complete services. The designing and development of hardware and software for electronic products are involved with the high-tech fields such as the computer, communication, network device, cell phone, digital camera, instrument, and meter, etc. We have had many successful cases in the IC unlock project in several such series like 51, PIC, AVR, Motorola, etc. In respect of computer language and programming, we can use any computer language from C, C++ to VB, VC++, PROC, to JAVA, JSP, to C++ BUILDER, etc. to the program by customers?? Request. Furthermore, we can use database language to develop for customers.

A complete solution for electronic products: we will communicate with the customer fully and discuss again and again before deciding on the design framework of the product. Then we provide an integrated service project starting from the schematic designing of a product, to placement and layout, to software developing IC unlock and MCU crack to hardware developing(purchasing electronic components included), to product processing and testing, to a finished product. This complete solution will save much time and money for those customers who pay more attention to marketing and help them always stay ahead in the market. All these will create value for our customers.

PCB Manufacturing
1.The process of PCB production (3) two-sided tin-spurt board
2.The method of PCB production (2)two-sided gold-plating board
3.The process of PCB production (1)the technique of multilayer printed board
4.The service of PCB production
We can copy PCB single-layer, double-layer, multi-layer (up to 32 layers) PCB circuit boards. It can copy all kinds of difficult PCB circuit boards. It can clone all kinds of PCB circuit boards in one time according to the perfect prototype (or prototype) provided and promises to be 100% the same as the original PCB circuit.

IC unlock and Procedures:

  1. Our company receives the original chip, the test chip has no problem, pays a deposit (usually 50% of the amount of IC crack), and arranges IC unlock.
  2. IC crack complete, and two samples provided for customer testing. (refers to the number of original chips supplied by customers)
  3. Sample testing is not a problem, payment of the balance issuance procedures; Sample testing is a problem, provide testable equipment (with the standard original chip, original chip model and methods must be the same as IC unlocks original chip) for engineering testing to find out the reasons. It\\’s the IC crack problem that can crack back or refund the deposit.
  4. Test results should be returned within one month as far as possible. If feedback receives after half a year, the deposit will not refund, nor will it be processed.
  5. The deposit will not refund if the customer can not provide the testable equipment to us to find out the reason for the sample\\’s defect.
  6. The IC unlock process is risky, and we strive for 100% success. If we fail, we are not responsible for the loss of the original chip.
  7. Once unlock is determined, no matter whether crack succeeds or fails, the original chip used for decryption will not return.
  8. Sample confirmation OK, and has paid the balance of the project issued procedures, follow-up if the customer reacts to the methods have problems; we do not assume the responsibility for the refund.
    Note 1) We don\\’t receive express delivery. Please don\\’t send it on delivery.
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