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SZOROD company combines new EDA design software, professional copy PCB technicians, and advanced process technology. It can clone single-layer, double-layer, and multilayer (up to 32 layers) PCB circuit boards. It is a highly demanding PCB circuit board for copying work, whether it is dense components, spread over microstrip lines, isometric computer motherboards, high-end graphics boards, Gigabit network equipment substrates. Or strict requirements for high-frequency processing, strict electromagnetic compatibility control For PHS motherboards, mobile phone motherboards, wireless network cards, and other wireless communication equipment. And blind and buried industrial control motherboards, we can all successfully clone them in one time based on a set of intact templates (or prototypes) provided by customers, and promise to cooperate with the original PCB. The circuit is 100% identical.
During the board copying process, our professional board modification team can also provide you with PCB board modification services. According to the individual needs of customers, we can change the position of components in the board and re-layout the wiring to achieve the desired results.

PCB inverse schematic diagram:
In the study of PCB reverse technology, the reverse schematic diagram refers to the reverse drawing based on the PCB file diagram or the direct picture of the PCB circuit diagram based on the actual product, which is intended to explain the principle and working situation of the circuit board. Moreover, this circuit diagram is also used to analyze the functional characteristics of the product itself. In the forward design, the general product development must first carry out the schematic design, and then the PCB design based on the schematic.
Whether it is used to analyze circuit board principles and product operating characteristics in reverse research, or it is re-used as a PCB design basis and basis in forwarding design, PCB schematics have a unique role. Moreover, it plays an indispensable role in the process of product commissioning, maintenance, and improvement. Reverse schematic production is a breakdown of our PCB copy board service items. You only need to provide us with a model or PCB file, and we will deduce the schematic diagram of this PCB template or PCB file for you 100% accurately.
The schematic diagrams of the OROD backstepping have been strictly network-checked with the PCB. The component position numbers, models, network names, etc. in the figure are complete and easy to check. Its readability is comparable to the original design. Customers can quickly grasp the design ideas of the product, capture the highlights of some high-end models, and use them for their purposes. They can also easily integrate their unique designs to develop higher-end products.
OROD not only uses the new PCB reverse schematic software but also has accumulated rich experience and mastered hundreds of reverse push methods in many years of practice. Professionally provide various high-frequency board reverse drawing schematics and modifications, reverse design of multilayer blind buried plate schematics. mobile phone board PCB copy board, change drawing schematics, 8-layer server computer motherboard schematic reverse design, more than ten layers PCB file back-drawing schematic diagrams, etc..provide detailed and accurate technical principle references for your product development and design, debugging and subsequent maintenance.
Gerber information returned to the PCB file:
During the process of imitation development of electronic products, we often encounter situations where customers only have Gerber (light painting) data for production, but no PCB files, schematic diagrams, etc. for product analysis and technical discussion. After the product is successfully produced, I want to modify, upgrade, or repair it, but I ca n’t start because I do n’t have a reference drawing.
In response to such problems, Patby provides PCB copying services and also provides Gerber data to PCB file services for customers. Customers only need to provide complete Gerber data, and we can derive an accurate and detailed PCB for you. Files and schematic diagrams to provide technical reference and support for your subsequent development project.
Gerber information required by customers includes:

  • Routing / Plane circuit layer (usually there are several files on several layers of boards, the format ends with .pho)
    Si * Silkscreen silk screen layer (two files, top silkscreen, and bottom silkscreen, ending with .pho)
  • Solder Mask (two files, high solder mask, and bottom solder mask, ending with .pho)
    D * Drill drawing via layer (files that list drill bit diameter and location with a list and symbols, ending with .pho)
  • Nc drill drilling table (indicate the drill position between layer pairs, ending with .drl)
  • Drilling table must be provided for each layer with blind and buried holes
    OROD PCB copy board department: mainly responsible for technical consultation, quotation and business follow-up of various PCB copy boards, revisions (board changes)
    Contact number: 86-13378667812

Some areas of successful service:

“Integrity-based, quality-winning” is the company’s business philosophy. Based on the principle of mutual benefit and win-win, we promise to all customers:

Customers only need to provide a sample or prototype; we can copy the PCB file, BOM list, schematic (circuit diagram), code on the chip according to the prototype or prototype and produce the same function prototype. Our company promises 100% guarantee of success.
Protect customer technical information security; we guarantee not to produce our products, only to provide services to customers

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friendly reminder:

Recently, some lawless elements have not provided services to customers after they have received various deposits and decryptions for customers, and have not provided services to customers according to the contract. They have escaped with the deposit or delayed the product submission time with various irresponsible reasons.

OROD reminds our customers that if you have business needs in this area, I hope that you can go to a regular company to receive services, it is best to check the service company’s business license permit, so as not to cause unnecessary property damage.

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