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Since its establishment 15 years ago, ShenZhen OROD has specialised in
PCB copy business. As the company’s scale continues to grow and develop, it is in the leading position in the industry in PCB copy board, chip decryption, circuit diagram revision, BOM parameter test, reverse push schematic, prototype debugging production, and PCB finished product mass production. OROD can submit more than 20 successful cases every day.

Some areas of successful service:

“Integrity-based, quality-winning” is the company’s business philosophy. Based on the principle of mutual benefit and win-win, we promise to all customers:

Customers only need to provide a sample or prototype; we can copy the PCB file, BOM list, schematic (circuit diagram), code on the chip according to the prototype or prototype and produce the same function prototype. Our company promises 100% guarantee of success.
Protect customer technical information security; we guarantee not to produce our products, only to provide services to customers

Aerospace instruments, instruments, control panels, aviation instruments, instruments, control panels, marine instruments, instruments, various types of precision instruments, handheld POS equipment, medical electronic equipment, medical beauty equipment, medical testing systems, different security products, electrical welding equipment, space electronic equipment, solar controller, voice processing equipment, video processor, all kinds of computer motherboards, all sorts of industrial control boards, mobile phone boards, wireless communication modules, power communication modules, wireless communication equipment, gas detection equipment, Airbus satellites Navigation system, GPS positioning system, temperature detection control system, earthquake prediction system, chemical detection system, digital television, DVB, DVD, public security inspection facilities, road warning system, air purification equipment, industrial control equipment, fast train road monitoring, power detection Equipment, space electronics, oil drilling systems, traffic road facilities, gas detection and control, etc…

friendly reminder:

Recently, some lawless elements have not provided services to customers after they have received various deposits and decryptions for customers, and have not provided services to customers according to the contract. They have escaped with the deposit or delayed the product submission time with various irresponsible reasons.

OROD reminds our customers that if you have business needs in this area, I hope that you can go to a regular company to receive services, it is best to check the service company’s business license permit, so as not to cause unnecessary property damage.

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Tel :+86 13378667812



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