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    Twenty years of rich experience for IC unlock and PCB copy, IC reverses analysis/reverse design, chip burnishes and model identification, PCB cloning, and PCB reverse engineering design. (many cheaters offer a meager price

    then get your deposit; they cant unlock your chip and destroy your original machine, you will lose so much);

    High success rate! (It is almost 99% for IC unlock success rate );

    High efficiency! (We can finish the work in a relatively short period);

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    (Disclaimer: Shenzhen OROD Co., Ltd. or the individual accepts that the unlock chip owned by the customer is only legal (to develop experiments or learning and repair). The company or the individual is not responsible for all related legal liability disputes, and the chip provider is responsible! Hereby affirm.)

    ic unlock company

IC unlock (IC decryption), also known as MCU crack, is through specific equipment and methods, directly getting encrypted microcontroller program files. You can copy the program chip or disassemble their reference research. At present, there are two methods of IC unlock; one is software-based, called non-intrusive attacks, with the help of some software, such as homemade devices like programmers, this method does not destroy the master chip (decrypted chip is not encrypted); there is a hardware-based, auxiliary software, called intrusive attacks. The technique involves stripping the master chip (open or decapsulation) and then modifying the circuit (usually called FIB: focused beam), which destroys the chip configuration and the chip core circuit, only affecting the encryption function without changing the chip function itself.

IC unlock_MCU crack Procedures:

The world's senior professional reverse research labs provide you with the most professional reverse research technology services, such as unlock IC and PCB copying, PCB clone, PCB design, PCB reverse engineering, electronic product cloning, etc. Welcome to inquire.

unlock newsGood news: To protect customers from losses, For unlocking chips under $1000, our company will first unlock the chip and then deposit 50%; the customer passes the test and then pays the full amount! No success, no charge; The world's first service to dare to do this is because we have a higher success rate!

1. Our company receives the original chip; We test the chip has no problem, Need customer deposit (usually 50% of the amount of IC crack), and arranges IC unlock.
2. After the crack IC complete, We will send two samples for the customer to test. (refers to the number of original chips supplied by customers)
3. Our samples have been tested to work properly; the customer needs to pay the balance then send the chip program to the customer. Many chips have soft encryption; if our sample is tested, it doesn't work properly. We need customers to provide us with original products or PCB boards that can test the original products' function (with the standard original chip, original chip model, and methods must be the same as IC unlocks original chip) for engineering testing out the reasons. If we can't fix the original program successfully, We will refund.
4. Test results should be returned within one month as far as possible. If feedback receives after half a year, the deposit will not refund nor will it be processed.
1. In the case of soft encryption on the chip, if the customer does not cooperate and is unwilling to provide us with the original product repair code, we will consider the customer to give up the cooperation. The company will not refund the deposit!
2. The IC unlock process is risky, and we strive for 100% success. If we fail, we are not responsible for the loss of the original chip.
3. Once unlock is determined, no matter whether the crack succeeds or fails, the decryption's original chip will not return.
4. Sample confirmation OK, and has paid the balance of the project issued procedures, follow-up, if the customer reacts to the methods, have problems; we do not assume the responsibility for the refund.