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OROD Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in PCB board, PCB design, chip decryption, and other reverse research enterprises. It consists of PCB board copy department, PCB design department, BOM analysis department, IC unlock department, product evaluation, technical debugging department, purchasing department, system software reverse research, hardware reverse research department, business department and so on. (Tip: The company decryption the only legitimacy for IC unlock and MCU crack. All about legal responsibility and disputes borne by the other party. The company is not responsible for anything.)

We can provide IC unlock:

Shenzhen OROD specializes in IC crack services and offers all kinds of chip decipher for customers who need chip decryption, and CPLD decryption services. At present, we are in the Fujitsu series, the Motorola series, the Carle Freescale series, the NEC series, the CY8C series, the C8051 series, the "TI" series (the MSP430F series, the TMS320 Series), the STC series (89 series, 11 series, 12 series, 10 series, etc.), the SST series, PIC series, AT88 series, CYPRESS series, series, series, etc. Column, Altera series, MITSUBISHI series, Reesa series, and other IC unlock have achieved excellent results. We adhere to the market demand-oriented, customer requirements as our responsibility, customer requirements as their responsibility, and rely on advanced technology, excellent team, and modern management as possible to the customers. For the latest market information and best service, we aim to win a win-win situation with our customers. The primary field\\\'s research includes MCU crack; special IC unlock, PLD chip decryption, CPLD chip decryption, SCM development service. Software and hardware design of the embedded system. Chip design and hardware system design, software decryption, domestic and foreign electronic enterprises to retrieve the lost SCM data, or to learn the advanced design ideas of external MCU enterprises to provide technical support. The company with a professional, focused service spirit, adhere to the market Demand-oriented, customer requirements as their responsibility, each customer as a partner.relying on advanced technology. Excellent team and modern management to provide the customers with the latest market information and the best service, to win a win-win goal with the customers. (the company\'s decryption is only limited to legality.all the other party bears the legal liability disputes, the company is not responsible), OROD IC unlock research laboratory has accumulated rich development experience in the field of MCU/CPLD/SPLD/PLD IC crack technology. But it has also been concerned about the development of information technology at home and abroad. The research of new technology products and the construction of a comprehensive scientific development management system. And the technology of software and hardware products and its functional modules in information technology. Research, technology analysis, and implementation, core technology research and reverse research have the rich practical experience and many classic cases. At present, China is the most professional and influential research laboratory of IC and software decryption.

OROD IC unlock advantages: The research of professional chip encryption and decryption technology - since the formation of the team.OROD has focused on the design of the function of the IC unlock. The research of the software algorithm, the software realization of the algorithm. The understanding of the hardware function, the design of the driver of the chip and so on. And the encryption and decryption algorithms of DES encryption, encrypt MD5 encryption and so on. The research field has rich experience and authoritative technical strength. The unique algorithm parsing software - our chip decryption center uses advanced international algorithm research software, which can complete the program code in the chip, and analyze and discuss the system by the existing law. International leading series of technical parsing equipment - our IC unlock center uses different advanced IC professional testing equipment to accurately understand the core architecture and the instruction code of various IC chips and MCU. The technology deciphering IC unlock team -- our IC crack center has a domestic technology strongest IC unlock an expert team. Rich IC unlock experience, Our chip cracking center has successfully broken integrated circuits covering more than 30 series of tens of thousands of models. High responsibility chip declassified service team - we have a severe work attitude and first-class customer service. Strict chip decryption process - we carefully designed the chip decryption technology process to ensure the absolute security of the decryption chip, while the decryption cycle of the IC is accurate to the hour, making the decryption reliability and high success rate. Reasonable chip decryption price. Our IC unlock center has launched some super value rebate package plans.

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